Tavelli & Cía. S.A.


  • How can I open an account at Tavelli?

    If you want to open an account, please go to Become a customer and contact us by sending an email with your query.

  • Which documents shall I submit?

    • Photocopy of your Id card (DNI)
    • Personal Property and Income Tax Returns
    • 3 last paystubs, or
    • 3 last payment slips of Monotributo (single tax for autonomous workers), or
    • 3 last pension receipts, as applicable.

  • Is there any payment for opening an account?

    No. It does not have any cost at all.

  • Is any minimum amount needed to open an account??

    The minimum amount needed to open an account is AR$100,000 or its equivalent amount in US Dollars.

  • Can I monitor my account on a daily basis?

    Yes, you can monitor your account in real time at our website.

  • Do I have to pay for the stock exchange advice you render?

    No. It is free and you can receive it as from the time you open your account with us.

  • What are the expenses generated by the Tavelli Mutual Funds?

    Our funds do not generate any front-end, permanence or back-end costs, nor do they generate any maintenance cost. Each Investment Mutual Fund has an annual fee included in the price of each of its shares.

  • What are the costs involved in stock exchange operations?

    Stock exchange operations involve an account maintenance fee and a per transaction fee. Please, see Chart of Fees for amounts.

  • Can any person with none or little experience operate in this field, or it is only intended for corporate bodies?

    Individuals and companies may operate alike without any problems, with the same investment opportunities depending on their specific risk profile.

  • Where shall I start investing is I am a newbie investor?

    We recommend that you should start by investing in an investment mutual fund, whose portfolio is managed by professionals and which does not require a high initial investment amount.

  • Where can I see the composition of the Tavelli Mutual Funds?

    It is published monthly at our website www.tavelli.com.ar or at the Argentine Chamber of Investment Mutual Funds

  • ¿Until what time of day can I subscribe and redeem Tavelli Mutual Funds?

    Funds may be subscribed until 3:00 p.m., and redeemed until 5:00 p.m.

  • What are the redemption terms for each of the Tavelli Mutual Funds?

    • 24h Tavelli Mix
    • 48h Tavelli Plus
    • 48h Tavelli Renta
    • 72h Tavelli Pymes
    • 48h Tavelli Global

  • Can profitability of any of the assets you offer be guaranteed?

    This is not possible. Market is subject to countless variables. However, our research reports are aimed at providing permanent analysis and monitoring of the market for making well-founded investment decisions in view of the existing risks.

  • How can I subscribe or redeem Tavelli Mutual Funds?

    Both subscriptions and redemptions are made via our website, which expedites and favors our clients’ timing, particularly those who do not live in Buenos Aires. Subscription is effective when the monies are credited in the account, even if subscription was applied for beforehand.

  • How can I subscribe funds from my escrow account with a different stock broker?

    If you have an account with a different brokerage firm and you are a shareholder of their Investment Mutual Funds, there is no way of transferring shares or subscribing our funds if you do not open an account in which your transfers can be credited. That is, as a first step, you must open an account with us in order to be assigned a client number and to operate under such number as you wish.

  • Can I transact on line?

    Yes. There is an app, both web and mobile, allowing our clients to carry out stock exchange transactions and monitor their accounts.

  • What is an agency letter?

    Our clients trading in on-exchange transactions as well as in funds may transfer funds from one account to another, thus avoiding bank transfers. In these cases, in order to carry out a transaction, for example, of selling securities and subscribe the proceeds to the fund, the client needs to execute and certify this letter.