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Firewalls are a combination of hardware and software elements, which use different techniques for analyzing and recognizing information.

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In order to access the Client Service area, a user name and personal password must be entered. Such password shall be generated by the system once the user has completed the pertinent registration form. It should be noted that said password is protected at all the stages of its lifecycle by means of cryptographic processes preventing it from being seen during its transmission, processing and storage. The user name and password shall consist of two different sets of numbers and/or letters created by the Client, neither disclosing any information on Client’s real identity, nor containing any terms which may be offensive or discriminatory or against ethics and good manners. At its sole discretion and by virtue of a well-founded cause whose reasonable grounds shall be uncontestable by Client, Tavelli y Cía. S.A. may request the Client to change his/her user name or password, with the warning that his/her registration as a Client for using this website may be cancelled. The password shall remain absolutely secret, personal, nondelegable, and undisclosed to third parties; and the Client shall be solely responsible to keep it this way. Tavelli y Cía. S.A. shall have no access to such password; therefore, if such password is lost or forgotten, the Client shall access the website homepage and enter the “forgot your password” section, or, as a last resort, s/he shall contact the Company to request his/her account to be changed; in this case, the company retains the right to restore the Clients account. Any activity performed in the website under the user name and password shall be considered legitimate and to have been performed by the Client. The Client is fully responsible for the truthfulness of the data s/he enters during the user registration process.

The system shall block access to any user exceeding the allowed number of attempts to enter incorrect passwords. Once said limit has been exceeded, said user’s access shall be automatically blocked and s/he shall have to register once again. This prevents the possibility of attacks by entering random successive values.

Any information you exchange with this website shall be codified by using a VeriSign SSL Certificate before any data is transmitted. The Digital Certificate guarantees that all your communications to and from the site are secure and confidential.

The system for requesting subscriptions and redemptions of Tavelli Investment Mutual Funds is not an online transaction system. Clients understand and undertake the implicit risk that may arise from making subscriptions or redemptions of investment mutual funds through www.tavelli.com.ar. All operations shall remain pending for approval by Tavelli y Cía. S.A. All the information, both personal and financial, which is processed through this service is considered confidential in nature and, therefore, it is used only for the purposes of the service being rendered, and it shall by no means be disclosed to any third parties not related to such service-rendering, unless inasmuch as it must be mandatorily disclosed to a governmental or judicial authority. All the content published on www.tavelli.com.ar, and the information, opinions, estimations and recommendations therein expressed, have been developed for the purpose of providing our clients with general information, and by no means shall it be construed as an offer, invitation or request to buy or sell any negotiable instruments and/or financial instruments therein mentioned.

Investors accessing our website must be fully aware of the fact that the instruments herein mentioned may not be suitable for them by reason of their specific investment objectives or risk profiles. The content is based on information which is available to the general public and which has been obtained from sources Tavelli y Cía. S.A. considers trustworthy. However, said information may be incomplete or partial, and Tavelli y Cía. S.A. has not independently verified it, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of such information

All the opinions and estimates published in our website constitute our views and are subject to changes without prior notice