Tavelli & Cía. S.A.

Investing in Investment Mutual Funds

This is an investment vehicle oriented to financing companies and productive projects from regional economies related to small and medium-sized companies. It is targeted at both large and small investors. At least 75% of the fund assets shall be invested in assets essentially embodying the above mentioned investment object, as per the regulations of the National Securities and Exchange Commission (CNV) applicable to SME Investment Mutual Funds

Link to last monthly report of the Fund Management Regulations

General conditions:

  • Classification: Mixed Income

  • Risk on Capital: Low/moderate

  • Investment Horizon: Medium- to Long-term

  • Currency: Argentine Pesos (AR$))

  • Liquidity: T+3 (72 business hours)

  • Creation date: 13 December 2012

  • Front-end / back-end expenses: None

  • Minimum holding term: 10 days

  • Rating: Moody´s

  • Management Company’s fees: 2.00%

  • Depository Company's fees: 0,18%

  • Bloomberg code: TAPYMES

  • Reuters code: LP68187209

  • Subscriptions until 3:00 p.m..

  • Redemptions until 5:00 p.m.

  • Managing Agents of Collective Investment Products - Investment Mutual Funds: Tavelli y Cía S.A.

  • Depositary Company: Banco de Valores S.A