Tavelli & Cía. S.A.

Investing in Investment Mutual Funds

This is a mixed-income fund, with a medium-term investment horizon and moderate risk, whose objective is to maximize performance of a diversified portfolio with fixed income, variable income and interest rates. It is oriented to institutional and corporate investors

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General conditions:

  • Classification: Mixed Income

  • Risk on Capital: Moderate

  • Investment Horizon: Long-term

  • Currency: Argentine Pesos (AR$)

  • Liquidity: T+2 (48 business hours)

  • Creation date: 02 May 2012

  • Front-end / back-end expenses: None

  • Minimum holding term: 10 days

  • Classification: Mixed Income

  • Honorarios Soc. Gerente: 0,62%

  • Honorarios Soc. Depositaria: 0,18%


  • Reuters code: LP68152839

  • Subscriptions until 3:00 p.m.

  • Redemptions until 5:00 p.m.

  • Managing Agents of Collective Investment Products - Investment Mutual Funds: Tavelli y Cía S.A.

  • Depositary Company: Banco de Valores S.A