Tavelli & Cía. S.A.

Investing in Investment Mutual Funds

Its purpose is to maximize performance of a portfolio made up of short-term Peso-denominated fixed income instruments, by focusing on capital preservation and 24-hour liquidity with a low volatility. This fund is an ideal vehicle for managing the institutional investor’s short-term liquidity. This Fund allocates all its resources to short- and medium-term instruments, prioritizing investments in securities issued by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), by the City of Buenos Aires and of the Province of Buenos Aires; securities pledge agreements; deferred payment checks; short-term corporate bonds; senior-tranche financial trusts; and synthetic transactions, which are transactions using different kinds of assets, “synthesizing” a fixed interest rate placement in only one of them.

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General conditions:

  • Classification: Fixed income

  • Risk on Capital: Limited

  • Investment Horizon: Short term

  • Currency: Argentine Pesos (AR$)

  • Liquidity: T+1 (24 business hours

  • Creation date: 18 June 1997

  • Front-end / back-end expenses: None

  • Minimum holding term: 10 days

  • Rating: Aa-bf.ar (Moody´s)

  • Management Company’s fees: 1,82%

  • Depository Company: 0,18%

  • Bloomberg code: TAVELMX

  • Reuters code: LP65067373

  • Subscriptions until 3:00 p.m.

  • Redemptions until 5:00 p.m.

  • Managing Agents of Collective Investment Products - Investment Mutual Funds: Tavelli y Cía S.A.

  • Depository Company: Banco de Valores S.A

Portfolio Composition

Fund: Tavelli Mix

Portfolio as of: 17/04/2019

Details % del P.N.
Cuenta Corriente - ARS 0.574
Caucion Colocadora $ 3.010
Pzo Fi $ Bco Galicia 0.726
Pzo Fi $ Bco Nacion 15.854
Cheque Gar.GARA 00007 0.124
Cheque Gar.GARA 00011 0.135
Cheque Gar.GARA 00072 0.016
Cheque Gar.GARA 00093 0.046
Cheque Gar.GARA 00191 0.007
Cheque Gar.GARA 00285 0.051
Lecaps L2PA9 5.081
Lecaps LTPA9 27.317
Lecaps LTPM9 5.758
Lecaps LTPY9 27.436
Lecaps S10Y9 5.487
Letra Prov Bs As LB2A9 7.072
FCI Fima Premium Clase B 1.380
Otros Activos y Pasivos -0.074