Tavelli & Cía. S.A.

Investing in Investment Mutual Funds

Its purpose is to maximize performance of a portfolio made up of short-term Peso-denominated fixed income instruments, by focusing on capital preservation and 24-hour liquidity with a low volatility. This fund is an ideal vehicle for managing the institutional investor’s short-term liquidity. This Fund allocates all its resources to short- and medium-term instruments, prioritizing investments in securities issued by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), by the City of Buenos Aires and of the Province of Buenos Aires; securities pledge agreements; deferred payment checks; short-term corporate bonds; senior-tranche financial trusts; and synthetic transactions, which are transactions using different kinds of assets, “synthesizing” a fixed interest rate placement in only one of them.

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General conditions:

  • Classification: Fixed income

  • Risk on Capital: Limited

  • Investment Horizon: Short term

  • Currency: Argentine Pesos (AR$)

  • Liquidity: T+1 (24 business hours

  • Creation date: 18 June 1997

  • Front-end / back-end expenses: None

  • Minimum holding term: 10 days

  • Rating: Aa-bf.ar (Moody´s)

  • Management Company’s fees: 1,82%

  • Depository Company: 0,18%

  • Bloomberg code: TAVELMX

  • Reuters code: LP65067373

  • Subscriptions until 3:00 p.m.

  • Redemptions until 5:00 p.m.

  • Managing Agents of Collective Investment Products - Investment Mutual Funds: Tavelli y Cía S.A.

  • Depository Company: Banco de Valores S.A

Portfolio Composition

Fund: Tavelli Mix

Portfolio as of: 06/09/2019

Details P % del P.N.
Cuenta Corriente - ARS 12.8962
Lecaps S11O9 27.2724
Lecaps S13S9 29.4465
Lecaps S15N9 6.2781
Lecaps S30G9 24.3958
FCI Fima Premium Clase B 0.0026
Otros Activos y Pasivos -0.2920
Details NP % del P.N.
Cuenta Corriente - ARS 0.1405
Caucion Colocadora $ 40.1073
Lecaps S11O9 25.9922
Lecaps S13S9 28.0642
Lecaps S15N9 5.9834
FCI Fima Premium Clase B 0.0025
Otros Activos y Pasivos -0.2900