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Account opening
Legal entities

  • Fill out the account opening form: (PDF form)

  • Attach the following:

    • Photocopy of the Corporate Bylaws / Articles of Association, and amendments thereof, with certificate of registration with the IGJ (Argentine Corporation Control Authority)

    • Minutes of latest Shareholders’ Meeting

    • Minutes of latest Board Meeting containing appointments to hold offices

    • Latest balance sheet, with the Council’s Certification sheet

    • Certified powers-of-attorney of signatories

    • Certificate of registration with the UIF (Financial Information Unit), if applicable

    • Affidavit on procedures for prevention and control of asset laundering

    • State SSN (Insurance Superintendancy) number (if they are insured insurance companies)

    • Shareholdings: Shareholder’s info and % of stocks of share on letterhead paper

    • Signature box: If JOINT account: Combinations for the signature

    • Spreadsheet of persons authorized to operate on the web (PDF form)

    • Agency letter: Complete it and have it notarized. (Optional if you wish to operate Investment Mutual Funds) (Included in the Account Opening Form)

    • CFill out the Authorization to Operate on Line (Optional if you wish to operate on line) (PDF Form)

    • Photocopy of Id card (DNI) of the individuals signing as Agents/Legal Representatives (both sides on the same page) Signature and print full name

  • Sign each of the pages and have all the signatures of all the account holders and authorized persons –if any – notarized or certified by a bank.

  • Send everything by mail.

¿Who is a politically exposed person??

If you reside abroado

If you reside abroad, please note that, for private and public documents to be valid in Argentina, they need to be legalized, certified or approved by the pertinent Argentine Consulate. In public documents from countries included in the Hague Agreement, the Apostille shall replace for consular intervention.Once the documents have been received by us, we will contact you to provide you with your account number and with more detailed information as to how to start to operate with our Company.