Tavelli & Cía. S.A.

Investing in Investment Mutual Funds

This is a fixed-income fund, with a medium- and long-term investment horizon, whose objective is to maximize performance of a fixed-income portfolio, mainly composed of local government debt securities, denominated in both AR Pesos and US Dollars. Its investment policy aims at balancing capital appreciation, interest return and performance stability, by investing with a low asset rotation throughout the curve. Its target shareholder profile includes corporate and institutional clients as well as individual investors.

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General conditions:

  • Classification: Fixed income

  • Risk on Capitall: Moderate

  • Investment Horizon: Medium- to Long-term

  • Currency: Argentine Pesos (AR$))

  • Liquidity: T+2 (48 business hours)

  • Creation date: 29 June 2001

  • Front-end / back-end expenses: None

  • Minimum holding term: 10 days

  • Rating: Moody´s

  • Management Company’s fees: 2,02%

  • Depository Company's fees: 0,18%

  • Bloomberg code: TAVREDL

  • Reuters code: LP65067475

  • Subscriptions until 3:00 p.m..

  • Redemptions until 5:00 p.m.

  • Managing Agents of Collective Investment Products - Investment Mutual Funds: Tavelli y Cía S.A.

  • Depositary Company: Banco de Valores S.A

Tavelli & CIA S.A. Asset Management informs that for the purpose of its eventual classification as exempt or not from the tax on personal assets, Tavelli Renta hasn´t been able to comply with the existence of a main underlaying asset, not having in its portfolio assets previewed in Act 21 of Chapter I of Title VI of Law No 23.966 Tax on Personal Assets (1997 & mod.) in the percentage stablished in the second act with no number following Act 11 Decree No 127/1996 modified by Decree 621/2021, for the accumulated amount equal to 30 or more day comprehended between the beginning of 2024 fiscal year to date.In result the fund will be charged with the tax due to its failure to comply with the aforementioned conditions.