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Owning a fraction of a company’s capital stock will entitle you to receive corporate profits, by way of dividends, whenever these are declared. In addition, you will be able to obtain capital gains whenever the difference between the purchase price and the sales price is positive. In this way, you may participate in the growth and development of a company or an industry, by playing an active role in its funding. At the Stock Exchange, it is possible to invest in a wide range of local companies, where practically all industries in the economy are present: banks, oil, construction, agroindustry, iron & steel, food products.

Government securities

You may purchase debt securities issued by federal and provincial governments, and receive repayments of principal plus interest, as per a schedule clearly defined in the terms and conditions of issuance of said securities.

Bonds are one of the least risky assets in the market, because they offer a fixed income and they are backed up by governments. Investing in these bonds allows for the addition to your portfolio of an instrument with a periodic flow of payments, which reduces the volatility of other risky instruments.

Deferred payment checks

Trading in deferred-payment checks allows you to bring forward the collection date of future income. In turn, the party purchasing such checks and holding them until their collection date gets an interest in return.

Trading of checks with up to 365 days’ deferment, allows a prompt funding of productive activities with highly attractive rates for both the borrower and the lender of funds.

Securities pledges

This is a very good opportunity to invest your short-term money at predefined rates that are defined and backed by the Mercado de Valores S.A. You can obtain your investment plus a fixed interest rate, secured by government and corporate securities that the borrower places at the market’s availability and control. This is an excellent, low-risk choice to keep liquid funds at a positive interest rate.

Negotiable obligations

As well as you can purchase government securities, you can also invest your capital in privately issued debt, through Corporate Bonds. Since the direct relationship between the borrower and the issuer simplifies capital markets, interest rates are often more attractive than those offered by the banking system

These instruments are issued at the market by large companies, as well as by small and medium-sized ones. As an investor, you may access placements with a higher or a lower risk-performance ratio, depending on the quality of the company and of the conditions of each issuance.


You can obtain an attractive interest rate by investing in debt securities, which are backed by the assets that companies assign to the trust. This is an ideal vehicle for diversifying your portfolio, thereby earning an interest hinged on the issuance conditions, and accessing investment projects which would be impossible to access on an individual basis.

Futures & options

Fixing a purchase or sales value on your assets may be very useful in building an investment portfolio. You can get an extra income by receiving a premium for the sale of this right, in addition to the dividends and the money resulting from the spread between the buying and the selling prices.

There is a variety of investment strategies related to this kind of derivatives. Ranging from more aggressive to more conservative, these strategies will enable you to limit your losses, to guard against the volatility of your portfolio, or to boost the risk exposure of your investments with relatively liquid instruments.

CEDEARs (Argentine Certificates of Deposit)

You may purchase and sell foreign shares of stock in domestic currency at our local Stock Exchange. CEDEARs may be converted into the shares they represent at their home market (the United States or the European Community), and sold at those markets either in Dollars or Euros, as appropriate. This is clearly an attractive possibility to diversify your holdings into securities from other countries denominated in a variety of currencies.

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